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Belle Dingle trapped by abusive husband Tom King in harrowing Emmerdale spoilers

TOM King’s controlling behaviour reaches a sickening level next week as he goes above and beyond to keep Belle by his side.

The Emmerdale favourite is trapped in her marriage next week as Tom tracks her down to spy on her.


Tom King finds a new way to control Belle Dingle[/caption]


He starts to spy on her[/caption]


Will Belle figure out what he’s doing?[/caption]

Belle Dingle (portrayed by Eden Taylor-Draper) walked down the aisle with Tom King (James Chase) a handful of weeks ago as her beau was keen to rush into lifelong commitment.

But wedded bliss hasn’t been on the cards for the pair, particularly as their reception was wrecked by Ruby Fox-Miligan who broke the news that her husband Caleb had been secretly romping with Tracy Robinson.

ITV viewers have spotted a plethora of red flags in Belle’s relationship with Tom as his behaviour has become increasingly controlling over time.

Tom has not only been gaslighting and humiliating Belle in recent scenes of the Yorkshire-based program, he has also physically attacked her, leaving her bloodied.

As fears for Belle grow, things surprisingly get worse between her and her other half as he finds a way to track her every move.

Coming up, Tom has a tracking app on his phone that shows that he’s keeping Belle under constant surveillance.

But how did he manage to pull it off?


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Could someone be helping him?

Will Belle find out what he’s up to?

While this remains to be seen, viewers will also recall that Tom has been trying to sabotage Belle’s career.

After attempting to pull Belle away from wedding and event planner Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough), Tom targeted her laptop, damaging it to the point she was unable to do any work.

In scenes due to air on our screens, the son of treacherous Carl King finds another way to keep her distracted from her job.

Next week, Tom brings home a rescue puppy for Belle.

But will he feel frustrated when Belle doesn’t want to give up her job to look after the pup?

Could he take his frustrations on somebody else?

Tom is continually trying to strip Belle of her independence to become the centre of her life – but could he do more damage after trying to keep tabs on her?

Fans of the long-running show have been suspecting that Belle’s coercive control ordeal will take deadly heights, particularly as Tom’s mother Colleen mysteriously passed away.

Could Tom get rid of his new bride?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.


Tom has been trying to isolate Belle[/caption]


But will she realise what he is doing?[/caption]

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