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Child abuse case surfaces involving stepmother and malnourished 5-year-old

Child abuse case surfaces involving stepmother and malnourished 5-year-oldLegacy

A five year old child was allegedly subjected to abuse by their stepmother, who reportedly left bruises and signs of malnutrition on the child’s body. The 31 year old biological mother, Jiraporn, has filed a police report against the 34 year old stepmother, identified as Fon. The 32 year old child’s father, Warut, previously won a lottery prize of 12 million baht in 2018 but has reportedly neglected his children’s care.

Jiraporn reported that her son, referred to here as B, showed signs of physical harm and poor health when he was returned to her on March 14. B was found to have an enlarged spleen and liver, as well as a pale complexion indicative of nutritional deficiencies. He was subsequently admitted to Sapphasitprasong Hospital in Ubon Ratchathani province for treatment.

Before the incident, Warut, who had separated from his first wife and was living with Fon, his third partner, took B and another child to live in Chumphon province. On March 14, Warut returned both children to his mother’s house in Det Udom district by train. Jiraporn retrieved her son and, noticing the signs of abuse, took him to a local hospital before transferring him to Sapphasitthiprasong Hospital.

Upon investigation, the police officer, Thongriam Siangwan took the complaint and initiated an inquiry. B’s half-sibling, referred to as A, mentioned that the abuse occurred because the stepmother was often in a bad mood, sometimes resorting to physical discipline when A took food for B.

During their time with the stepmother and father, the children endured hardship, confined to a rubber plantation where their father worked as a tapper. On some days, their meals consisted only of rice with fish sauce. Unable to care for his sons adequately, Warut decided to send them back to their hometown in Det Udom, Ubon Ratchathani province.

Police officials have acknowledged the complaint and, together with multi-disciplinary professionals, will interview both children before referring the case to the police in Chawee district, Chumphon province, for further legal action against the stepmother. Fon, who ran an online business and gold savings scheme, reportedly could not sustain her business and fled to Chumphon, reported KhaoSod.

It was also revealed that Warut had been a lottery winner, claiming 12 million baht (US$ 330,000) in 2018, but despite this fortune, he separated from B’s mother, his second wife, and began a new life with Fon, neglecting his parental responsibilities.

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