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‘Delusional’ woman slammed for telling partner to get a second job so she can be a ‘stay at home girlfriend

A WOMAN has been called “delusional” for suggesting her her boyfriend get a second job so that she can be a “stay at home girlfriend”.

The girlfriend’s partner revealed that she decided to quit her job three months ago, because the people she worked with are “toxic” and has refused to look for a new job since.


The woman has refused to look for a new job[/caption]

Taking to Reddit, the man shared that he has been having to work over time to make ends meet, as his girlfriend is no longer earning.

He said: “I sternly brought up to her, that she needs to find a job because I can’t keep working overtime just because she isn’t working.

“It’s hard to support her and myself like this.”

The man revealed that his girlfriend’s response to this was to say that “no good jobs are hiring at the moment”.

He added that she said that she couldn’t work because dealing with toxic colleagues was “too mentally draining”.

The girlfriend’s solution to the couples’ problems was for her boyfriend to get a second job, so that she could become a “stay at home girlfriend”.

The man said: “I told her she is insane for saying that, and that if she doesn’t find a job then I will break up with her.

“She lost her s*** and told me men are the ones who are supposed to take care of their partners”.

The post was flooded with angry responses from Reddit users, many of whom were outraged by the suggestion.

One person said: “Your girlfriend is delusional.”

Another person said: “Your girlfriend is looking for an excuse to stay home and leech off of you.

“It might be time to end it as she’s going to just take advantage and use you as an ATM machine.”

A third person said: ” ‘Stay at home girlfriend’ is the funniest thing I’ve heard in years.

“You should dump her and kick her out of the apartment.”

A fourth person remarked: “It sounds like maybe she was the toxic one at work.

“That’s insane that she wants to be a “stay at home girlfriend” while you get a second job just because she’s afraid of unpleasant co-workers”.

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