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Ella Rae Wise shares cryptic post about ‘walking through wrong doors’ after shock split and new romance with Dan Edgar

ELLA Rae Wise appears to be much happier with new flame Dan Edgar after splitting from her ex earlier this year.

The Towie star hinted to fans that she’d made the right choice in leaving her former boyfriend, whose identity she kept secret.

Ella Rae Wise hit out at her ex-boyfriend in a cryptic Instagram post
Ella and Dan got very close whilst filming in Bali

In a loaded Instagram story, she wrote: “Better to admit you walked through the wrong door than spend your life in the wrong room.”

Ella split from her mystery man in January this year and has since set tongues wagging over a new romance with Dan.

Dan was in a relationship with Amber Turner for five years before they went separate ways in May last year.

The Sun revealed that Ella, 23, and Dan, 33, hit it off whilst they were filming in Bali in February.

Exclusive photos revealed the new couple sharing a kiss and cuddling up on a sunbed together.

They took a cute selfie as Ella kissed Dan on the cheek.

The Towie pair also appeared to make a “pinkie promise” before necking shots as they enjoyed a fun date in paradise at a beach bar overlooking the ocean.

An insider told The Sun: “Dan and Ella have been growing close while on the away trip with their friends.

“Ella’s always had a thing for Dan and the cast could sense there was chemistry between them.

“On a night out with the rest of the cast, Dan and Ella kissed and have spending time together ever since.

“The fling is set to cause major drama and fallouts between the group.”

Dan’s ex Amber also broke her silence on her ex moving on.

Amber exclusively said: “Lets get one thing right – Ella’s always had a thing for Dan, she always has.

“She is single now – naturally she is going to want to go for Dan.

“She doesn’t owe me anything. She is not my friend. Dan is a good looking guy…

“Whatever they get up to is none of my business. It is what it is. It’s been a long time.

“I hope that I wouldn’t see them kiss. The only thing it does make me feel like.

“He swore on his life he never flirted with her. It has made me feel like he had a thing for her in the past.

“At the end of day he was my boyfriend of 5 years. We’ve got a dog. We lived together.

“I do see the good in people. You are living with me. But when I turn my back, you are flirting with another girl.

“That was Dan back in the day. I didn’t think 33 year old Dan would still be doing that.

“But let them crack on. It has not shocked me in the slightest. I am such a trusting person.”

Shortly after Ella’s split from her ex she spoke about “deserving better” in a savage swipe.

Over the Christmas period last year she shared a quote that read: “Some people come to your life just to let you know that you deserve better.”

She added: “Period.”

Dan and Ella enjoyed a holiday romance during their time away
According to Dan’s ex-girlfriend Amber, Ella has always had a ‘thing’ for him
Dan and Amber split after a five-year relationship

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