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Everyone can see the mirrors, but you have 20/20 vision if you can spot all 4 hidden Easter eggs in under 17 seconds

IF you have fond memories of childhood Easter egg hunts, this illusion may be for you.

You are said to have 20/20 vision if you can spot all four hidden eggs in this brainteaser.

Capital Hair and Beauty

Can you find the four hidden Easter eggs in this image in under 17 seconds?[/caption]

The illusion, created by Capital Hair and Beauty, shows a scene inside a salon.

While there are no people in the picture, we can see signs of the employees cleaning up after a shift.

A mop and bucket are visible in the forefront of the image alongside a cluttered cart full of beauty products.

The counters in front of the vanity mirrors also contain various hair items and plant decor.

A full trash can in the center of the image is another hint of the salon’s busy day.

Hidden among the various beauty products and decor are four golden Easter eggs.

Set your timer to 17 seconds and see if you can locate all the festive treats.

If you’re struggling to find the hidden eggs, we can offer some helpful hints.

Focus our attention on the hanging light fixtures at the top of the image.

You should also try looking among the countless beauty products stacked on the cart.

To find the final two eggs, it may be worth thinking about the cleaning chores that need to be done in the salon.

Have you managed to spot all four eggs?

If not, don’t worry because the answer key below reveals all the hiding places.

Capital Hair and Beauty

If you spotted all four Easter eggs in under 17 seconds, you may just have 20/20 vision[/caption]

If you’re looking to challenge yourself even further, why not try to find the words hidden in the waterpark image?

While a lifeguard looks on, a group of children are enjoying some fun in the pool.

If you look closely, you may notice some waterpark-themed words disguised in the scene.

There are five hidden words in total so time to start searching.


Can you spot the five hidden words in this waterpark scene?[/caption]

Anyone struggling should pay particular attention to the trees in the background.

You may also find it helpful to look at the pool water for some of the answers.

For the final words, focus our attention on the swim items being used in the pool.

And if you’re looking to try your hand at even more puzzling images, we have plenty to offer.


You may have the eyes of a hawk if you found all five words in this image[/caption]

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