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Foreigners condemned for spray-painting Phuket footpath (video)

Foreigners condemned for spray-painting Phuket footpath (video)Legacy

Thai netizens condemned two foreign men for spray-painting graffiti on a footpath and several spots in the Patong neighbourhood of Phuket.

The Facebook page, โหดจัง จังหวัดภูเก็ต (meaning so brutal, Phuket province), shared the 13-minute video of the two foreign vandals on March 23.

“This completely dares the power of Patong police officers. Foreigners are not afraid of Thai laws. They even dared to spray messages on the footpath. Police, look at this. Do not arrest only Thais. This will ruin the image of tourism in the province.”

The video showed one foreign man sitting on a motorcycle, while another man spray-painted the letters H R D S H T on a footpath. The footpath was painted in white and red, indicating that parking is prohibited.

ThaiRath reported that the footpath is on Baramee Road in the Patong sub-district, Katu district, Phuket. Aside from the footpath graffiti, these two foreigners allegedly spayed a restaurant sign and other businesses at the spot as well.

Thai netizens commented on the video, calling on police to take action in the case. Many accused the police officers of only arresting locals and ignoring all the illegal foreigners.

“No more excuses! Take them to court and put them in jail. They must pay the fine to the Highway Department as the cost of removing the spray-painted alphabets.”

“There are patrolling police officers and CCTV cameras but nothing has been done.”

“The police always give up when they have money.”

“We have problems with foreign tourists every day.”

“What can Patong police do?”

Spraying, writing, or scratching walls or footpaths along public roads or public places will result in a fine of up to 5,000 baht according to Section 12 of the City Cleanliness and Orderliness Act. However, Khao Phuket reported that the Patong Police Station officers, who supervised the area, had not yet investigated into the case.

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