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‘Got to get these’ cry shoppers as new Vimto flavour hits shelves in Tesco – and they’re perfect for lunchboxes

EAGLE-EYED shoppers have spotted a new Vimto flavour that hit the shelves of Tesco.

Tesco customers have rushed to the stores to get their hands on the latest drink which is perfect for lunchboxes.


Tesco shoppers spotted a new Vimto flavour[/caption]


New tropical flavour sells for only £3 at Tesco[/caption]

One savvy shopper found the new flavour on the shelves of Tesco and posted the exciting discovery in a Facebook group.

A pack of six mini bottles (250ml) are selling for only £3 across the stores.

The popular drink was first released in 1908 and was soon transformed into the familiar flavour loved by everyone.

The tropical flavour is the latest addition to the Vimto’s range that includes the original flavour and various fruit combinations.

Vimto Discovery Zero is also set to release new flavours with a passion fruit and lychee, and a mango and dragon fruit flavour.

Fans of the new flavours were ecstatic and wanted to try the new drinks.

One person wrote: “Gotta get me these.”

Another added: “ooo bet they’re nice.”

A third person commented: “Heard these are popular drinks during Ramadan too.”

Vimto was created in 1908 in Manchester after the owner saw a business opportunity with the temperance movement.

In 2023, the brand launched an energy drink and the brand has become a hit with British Muslims.

As Muslims observe Ramadan and restrain from eating or drinking during daylight, more people have rushed to buy drinks that keep them hydrated and energised for the long hours of fasting ahead.

Foodies will also be happy to learn that a new prime energy drink has landed in the UK.

The popular range of drinks, backed by Logan Paul and KSI, has now brought out a new strawberry banana flavour.

Lucozade fans are also flocking to buy a new flavour that is available at Co-op and other supermarkets in both bottles and cans.

Meanwhile, Coca-Cola has made a comeback of a popular lemon flavour that was last seen 18 years ago.

It’s available in both the Zero Sugar and the original variations in stores across the nation.

The drink was discontinued in 2006 but remains available in various countries, including SpainPortugal and France.

In 2007, the company launched Diet Coke Citrus Zest, which featured a combination of lemon and lime flavours.

But this was quietly discontinued in 2018, much to the dismay of loyal fans.

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