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Hungarian couple injured due to hole on Chiang Mai road

Hungarian couple injured due to hole on Chiang Mai roadLegacy

A Hungarian couple sustained minor injuries when their motorcycle fell into a 100-centimetre-deep hole on a road near Chang Phueak Gate in Chiang Mai province on the evening of March 23.

A video showing the Hungarian couple riding a motorcycle before tumbling into a hole swiftly gained traction on Thai social media. The footage captured the pair travelling in the right lane when the motorcycle abruptly collapsed into a road cavity, causing them to fall off.

Fortunately, the two foreigners emerged relatively unscathed, despite their rented motorcycle sustaining damage to the front fender.

According to a report from the Facebook page Chiang Mai CM108 News, the hole was the result of a project by Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) to bury electric cables underground. The budget for the project exceeded 100 million baht but the construction company failed to ensure the safety of motorists.

Photos shared on the page indicated no warning signs or signals alerting motorists to the hole. After the accident, authorities placed traffic cones around the hole and installed warning lights at the scene.

Residents revealed that this was not the first accident since the project started last year. Several local motorists sustained serious injuries in these incidents, yet the matter went unnoticed by authorities

Thai netizens, especially locals in Chiang Mai, urged the tourists to file a lawsuit against the PEA and the provincial administrative office. Some questioned whether Thai citizens would receive similar treatment for the accidents due to this hole.

“Why are there no videos of local motorists who had accidents because of this hole?”

“They should sue the construction company.”

“Will Chiang Mai residents get compensation like this?”

“I can’t imagine a road accident during the upcoming Songkran Festival.”

“Why wait until an accident occurs?”

Chiang Mai Governor Nirat Pongsittitaworn expressed regret over the incident and directed PEA authorities to visit the injured Hungarian tourists in hospital. The PEA covered their medical expenses and the motorcycle repair costs.

The governor assured the public that relevant departments would promptly repair the hole to ensure the safety of both local and foreign motorists.


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