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I own a women-only gym – men can’t be judged for looking at skimpy workout gear but ladies deserve to exercise in peace

WHILE you might not be able to choose who you work with, you can choose who you work out with.

At Lisa Avellino’s Susan Marlowe Fitness Center in Westchester, New York, women run the world — or at least her gym.

Lisa Avellino

Girls run the world at Lisa Avellino’s women-only gym[/caption]

The only thing these ladies have to sweat about is their workouts
Lisa Avellino

In her Barbies-only land, the Kens can mind their own bench presses — and business.

Avellino believes that not working out with men makes women more comfortable, especially with each other.

“If a woman is assertive, she might be considered a b***h from the male perspective, and females are not always supportive of each other,” she told The U.S. Sun.

“This is especially true if they see another woman getting attention or perceive her as flirt — and that extends to the gym sometimes.

“You can, however, choose a space that feels comfortable, and that goes for how a woman feels in front of both men and women,” she said.

The former television and radio personality also doesn’t think we have established a behavior system for the gym, leading to extra sweating.

And not just from your workout.

“A gym is a wellness space and I just think that there is an unspoken rule of etiquette that hasn’t been defined because it hasn’t been taught.

“Sometimes hand signals or body language have a different meaning in different atmospheres.

“It’s not just about outright sexual harassment but whatever makes someone feel uncomfortable,” she said.


According to Avellino, it’s easier for lines to get blurred in a fitness setting where testosterone is running higher than someone who is on an elliptical machine.

“Women are sweating profusely, making loud noises, arching their back, doing a pelvic tilt and some other compromising positions,” she said.

I don’t think men should be judged for looking at skimpy outfits at the gym.

Lisa Avellino

“If this was in a strip club, it would turn a man on — and we’re all sharing the same space but here a man can’t react.

“You’re wearing maybe one step above a bikini and breathing heavy.

“Women of all ages and sizes shouldn’t worry about being judged.

“A woman should be able to practice self-care and release endorphins and not worry about a male audience and how they might react or respond.”

Lisa Avellino

No Kens are allowed in this Barbie world where no one has to worry about what they wear – and who is looking[/caption]


In her center, women are able to wear what they feel most comfortable in and let their hair down — literally.

She especially notices how women chat with each other differently without worrying about men overhearing.

“They can talk about their boyfriends or spouses, as well as therapy sessions, beauty treatments, or personal things without looking over their shoulder,” she said.

“Women might also be extra self-conscious about how they look when they’re working out and maybe won’t try out new exercises because of it.”


Still, Lisa doesn’t think males are completely at fault for how they react in the fitness space.

“I don’t think men should be judged for looking at skimpy outfits at the gym. With this, I think there is a double standard,” she said.

Who are we to judge anybody for what they wear? If it brings you joy, buy it and wear it with pride.

Lisa Avellino

“In my experience I have seen just as many women gawking at men in shocking outfits.

“If someone is wearing a bra top that’s two sizes too small and there’s spillage while she’s doing deadlifts and a squat, then sometimes you will get some looks.

“But who are we to judge anybody for what they wear? If it brings you joy, buy it and wear it with pride.

“Today we have to be just as careful about giving a compliment as catcalling, as that can also come across the wrong way.”


She herself says she has been made to feel uncomfortable when on vacation and visiting a gym where guys have offered to spot her or criticized her technique.

Lisa says women are made to feel more comfortable without the stares of men – and the jealousies of women
Lisa Avellino

She has even be told by clients that men have approached them and offered to introduce them to exercises that can “reduce their big butts.”

“A man thinks that because he’s sharing the same space that his comments or ‘help’ is welcome and more often than not, it’s not,” she said.

She says going to a gym should reduce stress, not make it worse.

“We should be able to acknowledge our differences and just respect each other, but there’s no denying that the locker room conversation is different,” she said.

“The feeling of moving around the room freely is also not the same.

Lisa Avellino

The ladies at her gym can let their hair down and have ‘girl talk’ while working out[/caption]

“I’ve seen where a woman will do say a leg press on 20 pounds and a guy will say, ‘Is this is a joke?’ and even if he doesn’t mean to offend, it is still unwanted most of the time.

“Men sometimes want to flaunt themselves like a peacock with their strength and power and sometimes a woman will hold back or not want to do certain things because of that energy.

“Trying new things in a vulnerable place can be daunting enough.”

A world-renowned speaker who lectures at wellness expos around the globe also attended trainings on this brave new world of the post-Me Too movement.

“Harassment is any advance that you don’t feel is warranted.”

She acknowledges that women’s bodies and workouts are different, and they also don’t like being judged when men are in the same room.

“We go through menopause and have different flexibilities and hormones.

“Men are going to notice us but they should never make us feel scared or distracted.”

Lisa Avellino

The former radio host and television personality who speaks at wellness expos around the world believes we haven’t yet fully defined ‘gym etiquette’[/caption]

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