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I reversed my age with a few tricks – an Amazon buy made my eyes look less hollow, the results speak for themselves

A BEAUTY fan has shared the tricks she used to reverse her biological clock.

An Amazon buy helped restore the plumpness under her eyes and she says the proof is in the pudding.

Mikayla shared her science-backed anti-aging skincare routine

A $32 cosmetic booster added volume back to her eyes[/caption]

Mikayla Flynn (@mikalyaflynn5) shared the anti-aging tips in a TikTok video.

She explained that she had a “science-based” skincare routine with the products in her rotation backed by research.

Supplements like Astaxanthin worked in just two weeks, changing her skin tone, repairing her skin, and preventing disease.

Alongside the $26 Astaxanthin, she also took $30 Trans Resveratrol with Vitamin E in powder form.

For topical skincare, she used a pea-sized amount of retinol on her face every night, putting it on directly after she washed her face with a gentle facial cleanser.

After letting it dry for five minutes, she applied the rest of her skincare.

She wrapped up her routine with the $250 Celluluar Energy Cream from Timeline Nutrition along with the brand’s supplements once a week.

Mikayla used the cream specifically because it contained Urolithin A, a beneficial compound backed by science.

“Urolithin A at a 1% dose has been shown not just to skin hydration but leads to significant wrinkle reduction compared to the untreated side,” according to a study she cited.

Although the cream was quite expensive, she used it infrequently, focusing on areas where her fine lines tend to form, to stretch it for a year.

Her main heavy-duty moisturizer was the $11 Eucerin Advanced Repair Lotion.

For the eyes, one product made a huge difference once she introduced it to her routine.

Mikayla said her upper and lower eyes have been “significantly less hollow” since she started using volufiline.

Anti-aging tips

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  • Keep your skin hydrated internally by drinking water and externally with moisturizer.
  • Always use sunscreen, even if you’re not in direct sunlight.
  • Use Vitamin C to brighten the skin and don’t forget to apply to your neck.

She mixed one to two drops of the $32 cosmetic booster to her moisturizer of choice and placed the cream in places where she wanted to add volume.

She said the product was formulated to plump and add volume to the skin.

The ingredient works by “stimulating an increase in lipid uptake in specific adipocytes,” she explained.

She used a $250 night cream sparingly to treat wrinkles

The compound had been originally formulated to increase breast size in women and in a clinical study, women noticed a noticeable increase in their chest volume over the course of two months.

Mikayla noted that volufiline has to be mixed with a moisturizer because it is oil-soluble.

Although she was skeptical at first, she said the “results can speak for themselves.”

She finished off her routine by slugging her face with an occlusive cream, which improved her moisture barrier.

Mikayla explained that an improved barrier “prevents allergens and irritants from getting in,” which reduces skin sensitivity over time.

A final layer of an occlusive moisturizer wrapped up her skincare routine

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