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I upgraded my cheap toilet paper holder with the cutest DIY – I’m obsessed, people say it ‘looks more sophisticated’

GIVING your bathroom a high-end look doesn’t have to break your budget.

A DIY pro has shared her simple hack for upgrading your toilet paper holder.

Instagram user Michelle showed her followers how she upgraded her toilet paper holder

In her video, Michelle McRae (@shellychicboutique) demonstrated the quick trick for her followers.

The Instagrammer revealed that the upgrade only took her minutes to complete.

For her first step, Michelle purchased a cheap silver toilet paper stand that included a holder and storage for additional rolls.

She decided to prime and paint the silver framework of the toilet paper stand.

Michelle described the spray painting process as a “five-minute paint job.”

Once the paint had dried, she used a piece of rope to elevate the storage section.

She wrapped the rope around the stand vertically, hiding the area where the extra rolls were placed.

Michelle explained that she was trying to give the holder a “little cute basket for the toilet paper to sit in.”

She showed her followers a before and after comparison of the holder.

For a finishing touch, she used a folding and stamping trick to make her toilet roll look like a flower.

Once she had scrunched the end of the roll to resemble a flower, she placed it under her bathroom tap.

Instead of turning the water on, she pressed the toilet roll under the faucet, using the dampness to seal the flower in place.

Michelle told her audience that she was “obsessed” with the DIY upgrade.

Her followers shared their thoughts on the hack in the comments section.

“Great improvement, looks more sophisticated,” wrote one impressed viewer.

Steps to upgrading your toilet roll holder

  • Purchase a budget-friendly silver toilet paper holder
  • Prime and spray paint the holder black
  • Wrap a rope vertically to create a basket look
  • Fold and stamp your toilet roll for a flower finish

“I love this!!! I’m definitely doing this in my bathroom!!” said another Instagram user.

“The difference is incredible! Absolutely love it!” commented a third person.

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Michelle spray painted the holder and wrapped rope around it to create a basket look[/caption]

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