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I went to the world’s bougiest thrift store – a nice detail on a designer bag showed me its real value

A PRE-LOVED fashion devotee has found the world’s bougiest thrift store.

She discovered several designer items in the bag section, but couldn’t be sure about their authenticity.

TikToker Sydnee Zora loves thrift shopping
She found several designer bags but this Coach was the real deal

But one of them had a nice detail that showed Sydnee Zora (@sydneezora) its real value.

There is a lot of interest in the potential of thrift stores.

The magic and lure for fashion fans is not knowing what you might find.

Sometimes, if you’re in the right store at the right time, you will find designer magic lurking on the rails and shelves.

It’s happened to Sydnee and her thrift store posse.

Her post has had over 105,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

This fashion fan’s fave thrift store is in Toronto.

“What? Booking my flight to Toronta asap.

Commenter to her post

It was, she said, the “world’s bougiest thrift store.”

She described her finds there as the “most insane.”

It was no different on this thrift shopping haul.

On this occasion, Sydnee went straight for the kill and headed for the bag section.

It was a good choice and she found several bags that caught her eye.

But she had a commonsense approach to thrift shopping.

“I always assume everything is fake at the thrift, especially the bags,” she said.

But experience has taught her this was the store to come to if you wanted to bag a bargain.

“You actually do have people coming in and donating designer things,” she said.

She did indeed find some impressive designer bags, but their provenance was unclear.

Copycats included Dior bags and Louis Vuitton holdalls, which, she admitted, “had me guessing.”

She missed out on a Coach bag that looked like the real deal.

Her friend saw it first and wasn’t going to let it out of her hands.

But she found plenty more to like, including a faux fur coat and various accessories.

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Commenters said the Coach bag looks authentic.

“The Coach bag is definitely 2008. I have bags from them with the same lining,” said one person.

The Louis Vuitton vintage is absolutely beautiful,” gushed another.

But a third person questioned its authenticity.

“The Louis Vuitton isn’t real because the logos are upside down on the opposite side,” they said.

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