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I’m a 36G & it’s hard to find bras that fit – my tricks help me get into bandeaus and corsets, tuck those bad boys in

A BUSTY fashion fan has weighed in on how to dress for a bigger chest.

She said that at a 36G, she doesn’t let it cramp her style or strapless looks.

Angelica Maria Coiscou

Angelica Maria Coiscou is a busty fashion fan who wears a size 36G bra and produces lifestyle videos on social media[/caption]

Angelica Maria Coiscou

She gave her exclusive styling advice for dressing up a fuller chest in a variety of cuts[/caption]

Angelica Maria Coiscou shared her tips exclusively with The U.S. Sun, giving hope for chesty fashion.


She described having a bigger bust having the potential to make bra shopping more difficult than the average person.

“Aside from how much more expensive it is in comparison to the average bra; [there’s] the inconsistent bra sizes that vary per brand,” she said.

“My biggest tip is investing in a tape measure, because no bra is made equal.

She advised looking into purchasing a measuring tape for the perfect bra fit
Angelica Maria Coiscou

“You may be one size in a certain brand but a larger or smaller size in another and it’ll drive you crazy.

“So always size yourself and compare it to that brand chart for a more accurate smoother buying process.”


Coiscou also advised stepping out of the brand loyalty comfort zone and trying on something new for size.

“I’ve found really good gems outside of name brand bras for good deals.” she said.

“More expensive doesn’t always mean better.”

She added that shopping for a bigger boob size doesn’t having to break the bank with designer duds.

“I haven’t purchased a large name brand bra in years,” she said.

“I’m sorry but I cannot consistently pay $50 to $80 on a single bra when I’ve found amazing supportive bras elsewhere.

“Tiktok Shop, Amazon, and even Walmart have been my go to for stylish, fun and cute bras that are not just black beige and white.”


She said that years of curating her brassieres led her to formulate must-know tips for securing the girls.

She said that brand loyalty isn’t always the way to go when shopping for a brassiere
Angelica Maria Coiscou

“I’ve picked up some helpful large chest friendly hacks over the years that — although out of the norm — work when trying to fit into unsupportive tops like bandeaus, corsets, deep v-cuts, or bustiers,” she said

“Tuck those bad boys in and use boob tape. Sometimes you might have to throw in a strapless bra into the equation.

“I’ve learned to just mould my boobs and secure them for the sake of a look.

“And please don’t forget pasties or you will regret it.”


She even included advice allowing fuller chested women to go completely without a brassiere or boob tape.

“When I want to show a little boob action, but want to go braless I tend to look for tops that have enough fabric to cover the goods, but size down.

“I size down so it fits tight around my boob area to act as support and it’s worked perfectly.”


Coiscou also recommended that busty beauties don’t neglect their skincare on their chest and décolleté.

“Lastly we tend to not nourish our skin in our chest area,” she said.

“Body butters and body oils have been my go to for years and I do see a difference in my skin’s elasticity.

“It helps keep the skin healthier by replenishing it and you’ll look and smell amazing, too.

“To all my large-chested people — I see you and hear you, but more importantly I know your back hurts, too.”

She said when it comes to bra shopping, more expensive isn’t always better, crediting ‘TikTok Shop, Amazon, and even Walmart’ for some of her best busty buys
Angelica Maria Coiscou

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