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I’m a gardening whizz – the 25p bargain buy from Asda that’ll deter slugs from eating your plants this spring

WITH the weather finally warming up and Easter just around the corner, many of us are looking forward to getting into the garden.

If you are struggling to keep pests at bay though, you might want to use this suprising natural repellent – which costs just 25p at Asda.


If you ar struggling with slugs this spring, there is a suprising solution[/caption]


One amateur gardener revealed that they use a bargain buy from Asda to stop slugs[/caption]

Rather than resorting to chemical pesticides, a green-finger Facebook user uses this simple hack whenever slugs invade her garden.

As an experienced gardener, Jean Quinn explained that slugs will often cause havoc in her garden each spring – especially between April and May.

Instead of splashing out on expensive pellets or spray-on-chemicals, the domestic goddess uses a kitchen cupboard staple to stop the pests destroying her plants.

According to her post on the Mrs Hinch’s Gardening Tip group, she will use a simple mix of garlic and water (yes, you read that right).  

The tried and tested concoction is called a ‘garlic wash’, with the group member also sharing her fool-proof recipe in the group.

In the lengthy post, she listed the ingredients that amateur gardeners would need, including: two garlic bulbs, water (2L), a large saucepan, sieve, a potato masher or a fork, and a clean spray bottle.

Recalling the recipe, she wrote: “Boil two full garlic bulbs with 2L of water in the large saucepan. Simmer until the garlic is soft, [then] mash the bulbs in the liquid [and] sieve the garlic to remove the skins.

“When the liquid has cooled pour it into a large 2L container, label the bottle clearly as it will resemble fruit juice.”

She even listed the quantities needed, adding: “Use two tablespoons of the garlic wash to 5L of water. If preferred a smaller quantity can be used. One tablespoon garlic wash to 2.5L of water. One and a half dessert spoons to 1.25L of water.”

With many gardeners struggling with slugs at this time of year, she also suggested spraying the solution after rainfall – for maximum impact.

Though her recipe is non-toxic, the gardening expert did have a few words of warning for those that wanted to make their own garlic wash.

“You’ll need to open the windows in your home whilst boiling the garlic because it gives off a strong odour,” she warned.


According to the green fingered Facebook users, garlic can help stop slugs[/caption]


The Facebook user did warn other to be careful when using garlic in their gardens[/caption]

The Facebook user also advised others to be carefully when applying the solution, writing: “Please note garlic is toxic if consumed in volume by cats or dogs and this also applies to any other member of the allium family.”

If you are tempted to make this home-made pesticide yourself, you can pick up a three pack pf garlic from Asda for just 75p – meaning you’ll just 25p per bulb.

For those that aren’t already sold by this hack, you could save over £15 by using this nifty tip – as Amazon are currently selling eco-friendly slug defence spray for £16.99.

Unsurprisingly, the gardening hack has gone viral in the group with members thanking Jean for the essential tip.

One Facebook user even joked: “Thank you… I’ve saved this as I have a huge slug problem.”


Currently, you can get a three pack of garlic for just 75p in Asda[/caption]


The suprisng gardening hack has gone viral in the Facebook group[/caption]

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