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I’m a savvy shopper – here’s 8 items from Primark you can nab for £5 or less, including a dupe for £68 Skims leggings

WITH the cost of everything going up and up, most of us are trying to make the pennies stretch at the moment.

However, one savvy shopper has found the best buys at Primark – including leggings that are nearly identical to a £68 Skims pair.

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The Geordie has revealed how to bag a bargain at the high street giant[/caption]

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Among her favourite picks are trainer socks with an adorable spring design[/caption]

Rather than gatekeeping them though, Elish Stout-Cairns has teamed with shopping community to share her eight favourite finds in Primark right now.

It’s not surprising that the Geordie is so excited to share her best buys, as she is a self-confessed superfan of the high street giant.

“Primark is my go-to on the high street when it comes to affordable fashion and homeware,” she explained, adding: I’ve seen people online saying it’s gotten pricier the last few years, but you can still find bargains if you know what to look out for.”

The first item in her basket is an adorable cream blush which the Newcastle woman claims is a dupe for Rare Beauty’s Melting Blushers (£21).

The designer dupe comes in a stunning peach shade, similar to Selena Gomez’s coveted Nearly Apricot and is perfect for summer.

Just like the A-Lister alternative, the Primark version also comes in a look-a-like packaging with a gorgeous rose gold tone and a mirror for easy touch up too!

However, you won’t need a Hollywood salary to bag this beauty buy as the Primark blushers are just £3.50 – a saving of over £17.

If you are in need of a little pampering, Ellie also suggests picking up the brand’s square scented candles .

She says they are a ‘great option’ and unlike more expensive scents – these won’t burn a whole in your pocket.

The savvy shopper said: “They’re only £1.80 each and come in a few scents, including Cotton, Black Vanilla and Linen. Small Jar Candles from Yankee Candles start from £3.50, so the Primark ones work out at around half the price.”

This wasn’t the only homewear item on her list, as the bargain hunter also bagged herself ceramic mugs that were dupes for high end ones from Anthropologie (£16).

For anyone wanting an extra large cuppa, the sunflower and orange shaped mugs are the perfect addition to your kitchen cabinet.

Not only will they not break the bank at £3.50 each, this stunning ceramics will give your home summery vibe – just in time for the warmer weather.

She also picked up an adorable Harry Potter wand pen, revealling that Primark is her go-to-destination for stationary.

“Primark might not be your first thought when it comes to stationary, but they have a great selection of quirky pens and notebooks,” the Hogwarts fan revealed.

Continuing, she said: “For example, as part of their Harry Potter themed range, they have Wand Pens for £1.50. For reference, WH Smith sells a practically identical pen for £14.99 – crazy! So £1.50 seems like a steal to me”.

Despite complaints about Primark’s pricing in recent month, Ellie insists that there are plenty of fashion finds hiding amongst the rails.

If you are a mum looking for kids’ ‘clothing, the bargain hunter says that Primark will be your best friend – with Lion King leggings for just £3.50.

She told press: “It’s also worth looking at the kids section for bargains. I find that some of their outfit sets can be a little pricey, but for sleepsuits, joggers, summer dresses and t-shirts, you can find some real gems.

“Recently I spotted a pair of Stitch Baby Joggers for just £3.50. A similar pair of Blue Baby Joggers at M&S costs £14, so for a pair with a Disney Character print, Primark’s are great value”.

Its not just the kids who will get great deals though, as she picked a stunning initial wallet that looks more high end than high street thanks to it’s quilted design.  

Though it looks just like a Chanel staple, this coin purse is just £4, comes in either black or white and has plenty of compartments for you to use.

Raving about the custom purse, Ellie told press: “Accessorize actually does a similar Initial Coin Purse for £10.

“However, not only is it £6 more expensive, it also doesn’t have any compartments for cards, so the Primark one is definitely better value for money.”

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Mums will love the kids’ clothing on offer with plenty of beloved children’s characters[/caption]

Ellie loves getting a good cuppa from the high street giant
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Of course, what trip to Primark would be complete without picking up some socks and leggings?

While you can get plain white trainer socks almost, the fashionista prefer the Primark 7 pack which has adorable designs – guaranteed to put a spring in your step.

Choose from hearts or stunning strawberry designs for £3.50, these pop socks are not only perfect for the season but also £3.50 cheaper than the £11 Nike alternative.

Ellie’s biggest saving though has to be on the controlling shaper leggings (£5), as the Primark trousers are dupe for Kim Kardashian’s coveted Skims leggings (£68)

With stretch fabric that helps to smooth over your tummy and thighs, these high street dupes prove you don’t have to spend a lot to look good.

The bargain hunter also raved about a £3.50 blush in a pretty peach shade
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Her best buy were these controls leggings which are a dupe for Kim Kardashian’s Skims l[/caption]

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