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Inside Corrie star Simon Gregson’s stunning car collection including goldie oldie & classic he gave as pandemic gift

CORRIE star Simon Gregson is best known to fans as serial bachelor Steven McDonald on the ITV soap.

However, off-screen, he’s racked up quite an impressive car collection over the year – including a classic motor he gave away.


Simon Gregson has built up quite the car collection over the years[/caption]

Toyota convertible

Eamonn and James Clarke

He was spotted in a Toyota MR2 in 2013[/caption]

Back in 2013, Simon was spotted out and about in a bright yellow Toyota convertible.

The actor climbed behind the wheel of the MR2 after running errands near his home in Cheshire.

The low-slung sportster is still worth up to £12,000 today.

Beemer boy


He was also seen in a black BMW in April 2022[/caption]

Simon was seen collecting a black BMW from Aintree Racecourse in April 2022.

He had reportedly been involved in a scuffle at the event the day before which resulted in police getting involved, according to the Daily Star.

He was driven back to the course in a grey Beemer before hopping into his own, adjusting the seat and heading out of the car park.

Golden Oldie


Simon sold this Porsche 944 in 2022[/caption]

As well as his sporty modern motors, Simon appears to have a taste for classic cars.

He previously owned a 1985 Porsche 944, which he put up for auction in 2022.

According to the listing, the swish sports car was in need of full restoration and came with a “selection of parts”.

It read: “We are very pleased to offer this interesting project of a Porsche 944 Coupe that was finished in Guards red with Porsche sports seats and what appears to be the correct alloy wheels and specification.

“It was bought by our good friend Simon Gregson who, amongst other things, is a classic car fan and “petrolhead” like the rest of us and is the legend that is Steve McDonald in Coronation Street.

“He purchased the car in 2018 with every intention of restoring it to its former glory, but due to family life and work commitments it never quite happened.

“So, he has decided to let someone else have the pleasure of bringing this car back to life.”

Photos show the once vibrant red paint faded and patchy, while the front bumper was missing.

It sold with 35,000 miles on the clock for £1,280.

NHS Triumph

The Corrie star donated a Triumph car to the NHS in 2020

Another classic from Simon’s stable was a partially restored Triumph saloon that looks to be from the 1970s.

In 2020, he donated the car, as well as a motorbike, to NHS workers as a thank you for their work during the pandemic.

Taking to X, then Twitter, he wrote: “Dear NHS workers I have two classic projects (car and bike) if you ride or drive and like fettling old machinery there yours.

“Just a little thank you.

“They need work! But don’t we all.

“No delivery for obvs reasons oh and thank you.”

He later revealed that they had both been snapped up by worthy NHS heroes.

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