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‘Jekyll and Hyde’ man’s rampage in Canada sparks public concern (video)

‘Jekyll and Hyde’ man’s rampage in Canada sparks public concern (video)Legacy

A man with conflicting behaviour resembling the iconic fictional character Jekyll and Hyde unleashed a series of seemingly unprovoked attacks in downtown Vancouver, Canada on Wednesday. The man has previous form from time in Thailand.

The incidents prompted the mayor of Vancouver and the city’s police chief to address the public, despite an arrest being made in connection with the attacks. The circumstances surrounding the assaults left authorities as exasperated as they were relieved.

The man, Kent Douglas Meades, had been released on probation just six days prior, after serving time for threatening both his family and prominent federal politicians. His failure to report to his probation officer, coupled with signs of mental health challenges, set the stage for the morning’s terrifying events.

The unsettling chain of events began at 8.40am local time (7.40pm Thailand time) near Seymour and West Cordova streets, where a pedestrian was attacked by a stranger. Moments later, chaos ensued in a nearby coffee shop near Harbour Centre, where a disturbance frightened customers and resulted in a broken window.

Another individual was chased with a knife near Main and Prior streets, narrowly escaping harm. A subsequent 911 call reported a man wielding a knife and chasing people on Cambie Street, resulting in the stabbing of a 61 year old man, who has since been discharged from hospital.

The 46 year old suspect Meades faces charges including assault with a weapon, assault, and uttering threats. However, authorities fear there may be additional victims yet to come forward.

Police Chief Adam Palmer stressed the severity of the crimes, emphasising their impact on the community. Both he and Mayor Ken Sim highlighted systemic flaws in the criminal justice and public health systems, calling for a comprehensive approach to address the issue.

Meades’ previous run-ins with the law, including a stint in a Thai jail, underscore a troubling pattern of behaviour characterised by abrupt shifts in temperament. Video footage from Thailand in 2022 captured Meades in a volatile state, followed by a remarkably calm demeanour after his arrest, reported Vancouver Sun.

Local media dubbed him a “foreign tourist who lost his mind” during the Thai incident, shedding light on his peculiar behaviour. While no injuries were reported in Thailand, Meades faces charges in Canada related to illegal entry, trespassing, and property damage.

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