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Killer husband who left emaciated wife, 71 to die in her own filth after she was starved to just four stone is jailed

A KILLER husband who left his emaciated wife to die in her own filth after she developed sepsis has been jailed for three years.

Dorothy Morgan’s weight plummeted to just four stone and was denied water for a week by evil Robert Morgan, 61.


Robert Morgan left his wife to die in her own filth[/caption]

Dorothy’s son was jailed for manslaughter

The 71-year-old contracted sepsis and gangrene and was found covered in her own urine and faeces.

She died ten days later from acute kidney failure, consistent with extreme dehydration, and sepsis.

Morgan has now been jailed for three years after being convicted of manslaughter.

David Holyoak – Dorothy’s son by another man – was also convicted of the same charge and sentenced to two years and eight months.

Carlisle Crown Court heard Dorothy had sores on her back, shoulder, arms, legs and her buttocks.

She also had patches of “dead” skin and her cheeks were sunken where she was so malnourished.

Her husband claimed the OAP was “terrified” of hospitals and had made it known she wanted no intervention by doctors.

He said she had even refused help when she fell at home in Cumbria before he eventually called 999.

Morgan told operators Dorothy had “literally tried to starve herself to death” and “looks like something from a death camp”.

The court heard Morgan, who claimed he “didn’t notice” the condition his wife was in, “failed to take care of her basic human needs”.

When Dorothy was eventually taken to hospital, medics found she weighed just 29kg, about four-and-a-half stone, before she died on February 4, 2021.

There was also evidence the mum had remained in the same position without moving for some time.

During cross-examination, Morgan claimed he had provided his wife with sufficient food and drink.

He also denied leaving Dorothy to die when he was accused of not intervening because he “could not be bothered”.

Detective Superintendent Matt Scott, who led the investigation into Dorothy’s’ death, said: “Robert and David had a clear duty of care towards Dorothy, and it was clear from her condition and the state of their home that the level of care afforded to Dorothy was woefully short of the most basic standards expected.

“She was wholly dependent on those family members closest to her for food, water and the most basic of care. Dorothy had limited mobility and was not able to move from the sofa.

“She was left with a bucket next to the sofa as a toilet, which Dorothy was unable to use in the days leading up to her admission to hospital.

“In interview they both said there were no excuses for the condition in which Dorothy was left, and that what little care they did provide was not enough.

“Despite claims of wanting to respect Dorothy’s wishes of not getting medical help they ignored the severity of her condition which ultimately led to her death.”

Morgan was jailed for three years

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