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‘Made my hair thick and grew 3 inches,’ shoppers rave about $20 Amazon bundle that repairs damage and tames frizz

MASTERING your mane doesn’t have to break the bank thanks to a popular Amazon bundle that has shoppers in shock.

The mix of hair-saving buys is formulated to help repair and regrow locks that are in need of love.


Fans of the hair growth treatments swear by their rapid results[/caption]

Buyers are flipping out over the $19.49 Marc Anthony grow long hair treatment bundle consisting of two leave-in conditioner sprays and two travel hair masks.

One mask is intended to combat frizz and breakage.

The other, meanwhile, is said to offer a nourishing formula that treats split ends and fosters hair growth for dry and damaged strands.

Rather than battling breakage, the products claim to help you get ahead of it.

The ingredients in the strand-strengthening collection include caffeine, ginseng, biotin, and vitamin E to achieve longer and healthier hair.

The moisture-restoring spray will also help make the detangling process easier while preventing split ends.

For best results, it is recommended to generously apply the mask to wet hair after shampooing and then leave it on for three to five minutes.

After rinsing your hair thoroughly, you can spray the leave-in conditioner onto wet or damp hair from roots to ends.

All that’s left to do is comb through and style as desired.

The team behind the brand sources salon-quality ingredients, which are also paraben and sulfate-free.

These frizz-taming products have thousands of diehard fans.

“In three months it made my hair thick and grew three inches and that’s a lot considering my hair is very thin and not very healthy,” said one buyer.

Another satisfied customer gushed that the “leave-in conditioner spray was amazing.”

“Since coloring my hair, I’ve been having a difficult time combing it out after a shower. Also my hair felt like straw,” the fan explained.

“One time using it results – wow! I was able to get my comb through my hair the first time.”

“I have had a lot of trouble with thinning hair over the last few years and with other products I have tried they tended to make my hair stringy and frizzy,” added a third purchaser.

“I really needed a detangler that will help stop breakage and so far this has worked for me.

“It really works well and I have had great results with less breakage.”


The Amazon bundle contains sprays and masks that include caffeine and ginseng and are meant to get ahead of breakage while taming frizz[/caption]

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