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MMA fighter Bradley Evennett  ‘killed by his mentor in back garden sparring session before his body dumped in bushes’

AN MMA fighter was allegedly murdered by his mentor in a back garden training session.

The body of “gentle giant” Bradley Evennett, 32, was discovered by police stashed in a roadside bush late on Friday in Sydney.

Local cage fighter Bradley Evennett is believed to have been killed while training in his pal’s backyard
NCA NewsWire / David Swift

Police allege his mentor and friend Bradley Fletcher killed him and then reportedly tried to dump his body in the bushes[/caption]

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CCTV footage captured what’s believed to be Fletcher’s car leaving the scene[/caption]

Police allege that local cage fighter Evennett met up with his friend Bradley Fletcher, 38, at his home in the western suburbs before he was killed in a sparring session.

Investigators say that Fletcher then drove the dead body of his friend 700m to a nearby street close to Mount Druitt and dumped it in the bushes.

CCTV footage captured a black car leaving the scene.

Shortly after, police officers were alerted to a car collision.

Fletcher is believed to have crashed his car and then run into the bushes to hide before the police caught up and arrested him.

A mother and her child were walking along the footpath when they came across the Evennett’s body, reports.

Police described finding the body of a 32-year-old local man with significant head and body injuries.

On Sunday, Fletcher was charged with murder and was refused bail.

A relative described the two men as longtime friends and that Fletcher had allegedly taken Evennett, who was new to MMA, under his wing.

The unnamed family member told the Daily Telegraph: “He was a gentle giant… we don’t get any of this or how it could happen to him.”

They added: “Brad was a kind person”.

Neighbours also informed the Australian outlet that Fletcher had only moved into his house on Friday and that they saw others arriving for the sparring event.

It comes as an MMA fighter was brutally killed by a jealous rapper who accused him of harassing his girlfriend.

Horrifying footage emerged earlier this week showing the moment Michael George Richey, from Alabama, was shot dead in a carpark in the the Philippines by Jed Andrew Salera.


Evennett’s body was found in a roadside bush on Friday evening[/caption]

NCA NewsWire / David Swift

Police believe he was killed in Fletcher’s back garden during a training session[/caption]

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