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Molly-Mae uses private jet for second time this month as she surprises friend with birthday trip despite backlash

MOLLY-MAE Hague has used a private jet for the second time this month after whisking her pal away on a surprise birthday trip.

The influencer and Love Island star chartered the plane to go to the village of Courchevel, France.

Molly-Mae Hague chartered a private jet for her friend’s birthday

The group made their way to Courchevel, France[/caption]

The birthday surprise was four months in the making and saw Molly pull out all the stops to secretly get her group of close friends onto the flight without the birthday girl knowing.

Among the guests were Molly’s sister Zoe and fiancé Tommy Fury. The girls posed for a picture onboard the plane in coordinated outfits consisting of jeans and white T-shirts.

The group enjoyed a tasty-looking cake high up in the clouds, before tucking into another cake iced with the words “RIP 20s” once they’d touched down.

And they marked their first night away with a stunning firework display above snow-covered slopes.

The trip comes just weeks after Molly-Mae used a private jet to go to Ibiza for a solo wellness trip at a £120k-a-week resort.

The exclusive Fincadelica villa in the northern region of the island recently launched and is pricey paradise.

It has it’s own chef, saltwater pool, private peach and a tipi for holistic treatments.

Molly, 24, was discussing the price of the stay with new friends she had met on the trip.

In a bid to justify the hefty price tag, Molly explained that the cost was split between multiple people.

She said: “It’s £120,000 for one week, but to be fair when we calculated it came to I think like £800 a night per room, which is a lot, but £120,000 per week that figure is astronomical, but £800 per night I can wrap my head around that.”

It wasn’t the steep charge that was the biggest issue for followers though.

Instead they were concerned by the use of a private jet, which produce up to 14 times more carbon emissions per passenger than a commercial flight, for such a short trip.

“Can’t get on board with the private jet for a ridiculously short flight” wrote one fan.

“Ever thought about the deteriorating world your bringing you’re child into? We’re in a climate crisis…” said a second.

“What is wrong with British Airways,” a third asked, while another fumed: “Wow, and the carbon footprint for this is?!”

Last summer Molly visited the island on a jet with daughter Bambi, one, and Tommy.

While out there romantic Tommy popped the question with an elaborately planned proposal.

Though it was a celebratory occasion, fans once again were concerned by the environmental impacts of such a trip.


The luxury trip included cake in the clouds[/caption]


It was a fitting way to say goodbye to the 20s[/caption]

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