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Mystery man who onlookers are convinced is Banksy breaks his silence after being pictured at scene of latest artwork

A BLOKE at the centre of a Banksy ID storm says accusations he’s the elusive artist are “nonsense” and he doesn’t even like his work.

Snaps of George Giorgios next to a new Banksy in Finsbury Park, North London, fuelled speculation he was the spraycan icon.


Theories were sparked that George Giorgios was in fact the elusive street artist[/caption]


The retired pensioner slammed the claims and said he is only trying to preserve the artwork[/caption]

The first potential photo of Banksy emerged in 2008

The new Banksy appeared earlier this month in Finsbury Park, North London[/caption]


George has denied the rumours[/caption]

Onlookers were convinced George looked very similar to Robin Gunningham – the man many people believe to be Banksy after mysterious photographs appeared to show him working on a famous mural in 2004.

George was also snapped wearing a pair of sunglasses that resemble those previously worn by the elusive artist.

But the 67-year-old builder claims he is just the dad of the impacted building’s landlord and is helping his son protect the graffiti tree on Hornsey Road with perspex.

Waiting for the the protective measures to turn up on Monday, he told The Sun how “all hell broke lose” after the graffitied tree appeared.

He said: “I literally saw it (pictures of him) twenty minutes ago.

“Instead of just whipping a picture, they should’ve just said who are you? Would’ve been so much easier.

“It’s nonsense. I’m the landlord’s father. I know nothing at all about the work.

“We found out at about 3pm on Sunday afternoon. One of the tenants rang my son up and told him.

It’s not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination.

George Giorgios

“That was it, the rest of it was speculation. Then it was confirmed Monday, Tuesday.

“Monday evening they done that (chucked white paint on it), and ripped a bit chunk out the middle of it.”

George said he’s spent nearly £2,500 on perspex on the mural so far and has 24/7 security protecting it.

Despite shelling out a small fortune on protective measures he admits he has no plans to sell the work and isn’t even a fan of it.

George continued: “I’d like to get a roller and go over it, get it over and done with, just paint it.

“It’s not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination.

“It’s for the public really. Unfortunately, there are a bit too many jealous people around.

“Am I fan? I dunno, not a thing I have ever really thought about. We are running round like headless chickens trying to protect it.”

He added he had “no idea” if the mural will stay there as the council have shown no interest” in it.

He said: “They want us to preserve it, we asked them to cough up a bit, they completely blew us out. They weren’t interested in any financial help.”

The retired pensioner blasted all of the “unnecessary” attention.

“It would’ve been so much easier if they asked me who he is,” he said.

“We’ve all had a good giggle about it down the office.

“The less out there with my face on it, the better.”

George works on Hornsey Road, where he has lived and work for over 60 years.

He said his son has been “as bemused as the rest of us” about the work being scrawled on his building.

He added: “Every day there is 400-500 people, every day! I came by Sunday morning, around 9am, there were at least 200 people and it was a miserable day.”

George even said people have flown in from China and Italy to gawk at the work.

He added: “It’s nice in a way, it can’t do any harm, but it worries me he [Banksy] is going to encourage idiots to do this kind of thing [deface and vandalise].

“You know this used to be my house, this is where I grew up, before the council done a compulsory purchase.

“This used to be my dad’s shop, a tailors. That used to be a butchers, further down used to be a chip shop.”

The artwork appeared overnight earlier this month in North London.

Banksy claimed the mural as his own in an Instagram post, but the elusive artist didn’t add a description with the three pictures he uploaded.

The creator often refers to contemporary issues in his work, and what is understood to be his latest addition, shows a woman with a pressure hose apparently spray-painting a leafless tree.

The creator of the BBC Radio 4 series The Banksy Story, James Peak, previously told the BBC: “The message is clear. Nature’s struggling and it is up to us to help it grow back.

“If you go way back to the beginning of his work, he is always looking for something he can do with minimum effort to make something look really cool.”

But, some local residents are concerned the new artwork will hike up rent prices in their area.

It comes as Banksy’s identity will remain a mystery after the graffiti artist prevented their name being revealed at the High Court.

The spray can maestro is being sued over an Instagram post where they encouraged followers to steal from the GUESS store on Regents Street after it advertised an apparent collaboration.

As part of the £1.3m defamation proceedings, British greeting card company Full Colour Black and its owner Andrew Gallagher, 56, had sought an order for Banksy to be identified.

But documents obtained by The Sun show the artist applied for the order to be struck out and the claimant gave up the bid on January 17.

For years many people have speculated Banksy’s true identity is that of a man called Robin Gunningham.

Theories were sparked in 2008 when a photograph was circulated of a man, believed to be Gunningham, wearing dark jeans and a navy shirt.

It was taken in Kingston, Jamaica, in 2004 and appeared to show Banksy smiling while he worked on his latest project.

The man, believed to be the famous graffiti artist, was crouched in front of a bag with stencils and spray paint.

Peter Dean Rickards, who captured the moment, confirmed it was of Banksy after leaking the images – however it has never been officially proven.

Both Banksy and Gunningham have appeared to live in the same locations at the same time artwork pops up.

And, there are many more clues that led people to believe he could be the spraycan maestro.


Banksy first came to prominence in the 90s for spray-painting trains and walls in their home city of Bristol.

Although many people have tried to guess who they are, their identity has never been revealed.

One suggestion is Banksy could be Robert del Naja from 90s trip hop behemoth Massive Attack, who hail from city.

In 2008, it was alleged Bristol-born artist Robin Gunningham could be artist.

While Art Attack presenter Neil Buchanan denied he was Banksy in 2020, after a conspiracy theory about his identity swept the internet.

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