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National Puppy Day: Santa Rosa non-profit releases live puppy cam

(KRON) — Cuteness alert! Canine Companions, a non-profit that provides service dogs to individuals with disabilities free of charge, released a live puppy cam on Saturday for National Puppy Day.

Eight up-and-coming service dogs are currently on the stream, with one of them being described as “small, but packs the most heart.” That puppy’s name is Nakoa (pictured below).

Up and coming service dog, Nakua. Him and several other puppies are available to watch on the Canine Companions stream

With several northwest training centers, the non-profit is sharing its livestream to encourage more people to adopt dogs in California and nationwide. Many centers are currently at full capacity, and people are encouraged to either adopt or refrain from giving their dogs away for adoption, as they would be more prone to being put down.

In 2006, National Puppy Day was established to draw attention to the horrors of puppy mills while seeking to encourage more humane breeding practices. The person who founded National Puppy Day, Colleen Paige, is also the same person responsible for founding the National Dog Day, which happens on August 26.

According to Hiroshima University, research shows that looking at photos and videos of puppies can have powerful effects on attention and concentration.

The stream is available to watch here. Aside from newly-born puppies, Bay Area can always find dogs up for adoption here.

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