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Network of centuries old man-made caves discovered ‘by accident’ remain a mystery over detail no one can explain

A NETWORK of centuries old man-made caves have been discovered “by accident”.

Explorers and historians cannot explain the structures found in a small town called Royston, in Cambridgeshire.

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Royston Cave in Cambridgeshire was discovered by accident[/caption]


No records of the cave exists[/caption]

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Carvings fill the inside of the tomb[/caption]

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Despite being found in 1742, historians still don’t know much about it[/caption]

Royston Cave is a complete mystery for those who live in the area – with no one being able to confidently say who created them or what they were made for.

Despite conspiracy theories surrounding the caves, no records of its age or purpose exist.

Workmen accidentally found the site in 1742 and were astounded by the carvings, which mostly have links to Christianity.

An array of saints, Jesus and his disciples, Richard the Lionheart and King David of the Psalm can be seen in the markings.

Non-religious carvings depict the Earth Goddess who was believed to be a symbol for fertility.

Tiny figures and symbols included still remain unidentified today.

A common theory about the cave is that it was owned by the Knights Templar during the Middle Ages.

On the flip side, others believe it could have been a Freemason’s Lodge.

The mysterious caves can now be visited by tourists and local historians wanting to find out more.

It comes after an unassuming cave with “doors and windows” still remains today.

Local legend said the eighth century caves, found in Foremark and Ingleby, once housed England’s “Hermit King”.

The monarch during Medieval Britain was exiled and forced to take refuge in the Derbyshire caverns after he lost his throne in a battle.

Archeologists from the Royal Agricultural University’s newly-formed Cultural Heritage Institute now recon the caverns probably date back to the Dark Ages.

The mysterious stone structures were originally carved out of the cliff edge by the River Trent.

And people now have the opportunity to visit 8,000-year-old caves – where David Bowie and the Rolling Stones have performed.

The Chislehurst Caves are a 22-mile-long labyrinth of manmade tunnels that some people date back to as long ago as 6,000 BCE.

Plus, tourists can take a look at the tiny caverns in which ‘England’s last cave people’ lived.

The sandstone caves are located on the Staffordshire-Worcestershire border.

They were inhabited until the 1960s and are now owned by the National Trust.

Meanwhile, a magical Scottish cave “from a different planet” was voted best hidden gem in the world.

Staffa is an island of the Inner Hebrides and is famed for its hexagonal rock formations which were formed millions of years ago by volcanic eruptions.

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Royston Cave remains a mystery today[/caption]


A lot of the carvings have religious meanings[/caption]


Some believe the cave was owned by the Knight’s Templar[/caption]

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