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Our Ikea hack lets us fit a whole family in our guest room – you wouldn’t know our customized bed secretly sleeps 4

A MOM’S hack for a customized bed has gone wild on TikTok.

Thanks to some clever ingenuity, her Ikea bed can fit a whole family in her guest room.

TikTok user Champagne Chaos transformed her guest bedroom
Her video has gone viral

At first appearance, there is no clue that this king-sized bed sleeps four.

Champagne Chaos’ (@champagne.chaos) post has gone viral.

This clever guestroom trick has had 1.3 million likes and hundreds of comments.

It came just in time for one commenter.

“You just solved a huge problem for me with this hack thank you,” they said.

This resourceful lady created a king-sized bed that secretly sleeps four.

She used an Ikea Trundle bed combo for this design trick.

Some commenters missed the point, however.

They said it would have been easier to buy a kingsize.

But she already had the furniture and instead of splashing more cash, she made the existing beds work for her.

It was less wasteful and she ended up with a room looking elegant and timeless.

To achieve her design look, she pushed two of the beds together.

A mattress ridge was placed in the middle of the twin beds.

Then a mattress topper was placed over the top to make it look like one solid mattress.

When the kingsize bed was finished, only one thing gave it away.

There was a split in the headboards.

Tips to make a small room seem bigger

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But this was resolved by positioning two upholstered boards for the top and bottom of the bed.

The trundle beds were slipped under the bed out of sight and the faux kingsize bed was complete.

It was a great space for families and sleepovers.

Her efforts impressed viewers.

“What you did was significantly cheaper than a new setup,” said one person.

“A king with two trundles for $200. That’s pretty cool. I need to head to Ikea tomorrow.” said a second person.

“Genius. You can host a whole family. Beautiful. And if it’s a group of friends you can technically pull the beds apart if you need to,” said a third viewer.

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