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Rest in peace Dr Zamambo Mkhize

Rest in peace Dr Zamambo Mkhize. It is heartbreaking that her name has been added to the victims of crimes in South Africa. She became one of the women whose lives were cut short for no reason.

In accordance with various media reports, Dr Zamambo Mkhize allegedly left Edendale Hospital (now Harry Gwala) so that she could get lunch at about midday. However, she reportedly never returned. Upon getting concerned, it was informed that the deceased’s husband contacted her tracking company at night to locate her . Unfortunately, she was allegedly found dead in the boot of her car according to the update that was issued.

The news of the discovery of the doctor’s lifeless body was also confirmed by a crimes journalist, Yusuf Abramjee via his Twitter account :

Circumstances that may have led to the loss of the life of the doctor are not known yet, but police need to investigate further and provide answers to the many questions that are arising in relation to this murder mystery. The cause of death is unknown at the moment, but what was confirmed was that the body of the doctor was found in the boot of her car.

It is heartbreaking to have a life of a young woman cut short. There is no justification in ending the life of anyone. It is sad how unsafe women and children are in South Africa and beyond the borders. There is a need for such acts to be treated as matters of emergency. Legislators and lawmakers need to come up with ways of dealing with perpetrators of such violent crimes, such as death penalties for those who get convicted of crimes such as murder of women and children.

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