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Rihanna slammed for holding son RZA upside down at his second birthday party – but fans say ‘we’ve all done it’

RIHANNA has faced backlash after holding her son RZA upside down and shaking him at his second birthday party.

The pop star welcomed the tiny tot in May 2022 with her partner, A$AP Rocky.


Rihanna celebrated her son RZA’s 2nd birthday this week[/caption]

Twitter/ X/ Daily Loud

A video emerged of the singer holding the tiny tot upside down at his party[/caption]

Twitter/ X/ Daily Loud

Rihanna swung RZA from left to right, leaving fans stunned[/caption]

Fans were appalled to see that Rihanna, 36, flipped her 2-year-old son upside down in a wild moment caught on camera on Monday.

In a video shared on X, formerly Twitter, the singer sat in front of a crowded room with the rapper and their two sons, RZA and Riot, 9 months.

The celebration spot was decorated with a massive balloon bouquet created to look like a slice of pizza.

Rihanna sported a gray fur coat and wore her hair long and blonde.

Meanwhile, Rocky opted for a blue linen button-down and a simple silver chain.


The hip-hop artist held their youngest while the Barbadian native clutched onto the birthday boy as the room sang in his honor.

But as the singing ramped up, Rihanna decided to put a show on for the crowd and flipped her toddler upside down.

She grabbed him by the legs and swung him back and forth as the group burst into laughter.

As the song came to an end, the Diamonds singer lay her son back on her lap and smiled at him before the video cut out.


Fans were shocked by the clip, with many slamming Rihanna’s parenting methods.

“Can someone explain why she turned him upside down like that?” one asked.

“I don’t think celebrities should have kids,” a second penned.

“That’s not the right way to hold a young child ! But she did not hold him upside down for long so it couldn’t hurt him,” a third claimed.

“It’s fine, she can buy a new one,” a fourth joked.

“What’s she doing,” a fifth trolled.

“Usually the kid would smile but this one straight face,” another noted.


Others supported Rihanna, claiming the move is something that “all parents do” from time to time.

“They’re just playing , what’s the big fuss about,” one remarked.

“She’s a billionaire she can afford to hold her child anyway she wants,” a second agreed.

“I know that baby was enjoying and was like ‘Do it again mommy.’ Kids love that typa s**t,” a third claimed.

“Maaan, everyone has done that to their kids. My pops ultimately did it to me,” a fourth shared.

“Dead a** me as a mom,” a fifth commented.

“Come on everyones parents has done that to them before,” another defended.


Rihanna shares her two sons, RZA Athelston Mayers and Riot Rose Mayers, with her boyfriend A$AP.

In a recent interview with British Vogue, the singer shared some of her regrets involving choices she made before becoming a mom.

The Umbrella singer confessed that allowing her “panties to be out” at red carpet events is something she “would never do” these days.

“It’s going to sound hypocritical because I did so much s**t in my life, I had my nipples out, I had my panties out,” she recalled while speaking to the outlet on the red carpet.

“But now those are the things, I guess as a mom, and an evolved young lady, emphasis on young, it’s just things that I feel I would never do, or I’m just like ‘oh my god, I really did that? Nips out?’” she explained.


Rihanna and Rocky share two kids[/caption]


The pop star confessed that she has some ‘regrets’ from before she became a mom[/caption]

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