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Sarah Platt makes devastating discovery about Damon Hay in Coronation Street

DAMON Hay swore off a life of crime in Sarah Platt’s eyes but she has no clue he’s really in cahoots with his half-brother Harvey Gaskell.

However, the Coronation Street thug has a lot of explaining to do when she catches on. Is their relationship in danger?


Sarah and Damon have moved in together[/caption]


But she makes a huge discovery about her other half next week thanks to Ed[/caption]


How will she react?[/caption]

Sarah Platt (portrayed by legend Tina O’Brien) was keen to give Damon Hay (Ciarán Griffiths) another chance upon his return to the cobbles earlier this year.

But in order to finally have the life he wanted with her, Damon had to give up a life of crime and he obliged – at least as far as Sarah is aware.

ITV viewers will remember that Damon actually agreed to help his incarcerated brother Harvey Gaskell (Will Mellor) with a robbery in an attempt to keep Sarah and her daughter Bethany safe from harm.

Damon agreed to help Harvey after the criminal called out a hit on the pair of women, although this only resulted in Adam Barlow getting hurt and ending up in hospital.

As mentioned above, Sarah does not know about Damon’s latest ploy with Harvey.

But how will she react when she slowly realises that Damon has been keeping something from her?

It all begins next week when Sarah talks to Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) about the job he is doing for Damon.

As the conversation unfolds, she soon realises Damon has been lying to her.

How will Damon react and how will he get himself out of this predicament?

Will Sarah and Damon’s relationship survive?


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Later on, Sarah calls at the corner shop flat and asks her estranged husband Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) if they can put the sale of the flat on hold for now. 

Adam assures her there’s no rush, but when he tentatively suggests it would be nice if they could be friends again, Sarah tells him it’s too soon and hurries out. 

Sarah and Adam’s marriage seemingly came to a halt when she cheated on him with Damon.

Determined to get rid of his rival, Adam turned to Niall and set him loose on Damon.

This left Damon with no other choice but to leave the cobbles in order to save his own skin.

But could he soon get back at Damon by stealing Sarah back from him?

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.


Adam previously saved Sarah and Bethany from being mowed over by Harvey Gaskell[/caption]

Could Damon’s relationship with Sarah be in danger?

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