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South Dakota dispensaries host Sign and Drive event

NORTH SIOUX CITY, S.D. (KCAU) – A South Dakota nonprofit organization is trying to collect more than 17,000 signatures before May 7, and residents are showing up, or driving up to do their part.  

South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws had a statewide sign and drive event Saturday to get more signatures for their legislation to decriminalize adult use of cannabis.  

This legislation was passed four years ago before it was overturned by Governor Noem. Now South Dakotans are signing to fight for their right to legally use marijuana.  

“Most of what we’re hearing across the state, and this morning ironically, is freedom,” said True North Dispensary co-owner Deb Peter. “Whether they’re for it or against the actual issue of cannabis, it’s more along the lines of ‘we’ve already voted on this once, we’ve already passed it once, and it’s our freedom to do whatever we want on this particular issue.’”   

The sign and drive event was held in four locations across South Dakota including True North Dispensary in North Sioux City. 

“The government shouldn’t tell us what we should and shouldn’t do, and so that’s a lot of what we’re hearing is it’s a freedom issue,” said Peter. “Just get the government out of the way of cannabis use. Let it be tested, responsible usage just like alcohol or tobacco.”

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