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Steam players can grab a 9/10 horror puzzle game from an 86-rated studio for free

A SPACE for the Unbound was one of the breakout successes of last year.

In 2024, the studio behind the indie smash hit launched a free game on Steam, and it’s one of the platform’s best hidden gems.


Test Test Test is an amazing horror puzzle game and is free to grab[/caption]

Test Test Test is a horror puzzle game that Steam players can pick up completely free.

You wake up in your apartment with just 15 minutes before a big meeting with the directors at your company.

Before the meeting you must find the three reports which are due and deliver them to your boss or risk getting fired.

This is not as simple as it seems, and you will need to play those precious minutes many times in order to make the deadline.

The blurb reads: “Test Test Test is a retro pixel-art point-and-click puzzle adventure where you must escape a time loop as an overworked office employee.

“Find clues, gather information, and solve cryptic puzzles with alternate reality game elements.

“Will you be able to release yourself from the clutches of time itself? Or will you be stuck in this reality forever?”

This is a particularly difficult puzzle game that will challenge the way that you approach video games.

You will have to think outside the box and look at the wider meta picture if you want to complete this one.

Test Test Test is free-to-play on Steam and you just need to go to the store page if you want to play it.

You can do this either via the website or the Steam launcher, but you will need the launcher if you want to play it.

 While the game takes place over 15 minutes, it will take you a few hours in order to complete it thanks to the difficulty.

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