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Thailand’s most eco-friendly hotels to stay in 2024

PHOTO: Bangkok Tree House from official Facebook pagePHOTO: Bangkok Tree House from official Facebook page

Want to escape the bustle and blaring traffic horns of the city? A cosy eco-retreat snuggled amidst Thailand’s lush landscapes is just the ticket! And let us stop you right there – if you’re imagining an eco-friendly hotels equivalent of a reality survival show, think again. We’re not time travelling to the days of enduring cold showers and hole-riddled mosquito nets. No, we’re firmly in an era where eco-friendly meets elegance. The eco retreats of today’s Thailand come with top-notch design, Instagram worthy views, and luxury that doesn’t skimp.

And below, we’ve compiled the best eco-friendly hotels in Thailand for any eco-conscious traveller out there:

Top 5 Eco-friendly hotels in Thailand

The Sarojin, Khao Lak

PHOTO: 2-Bedroom Pool Residence The Sarojin - eco-friendly hotels
PHOTO: 2-Bedroom Pool Residence The Sarojin

Address: 60 Tambon Kukkak Takua Pa District, Phang-nga 82190, Thailand

First on the list, tucked in the alluring landscapes of Khao Lak, Phang Nga, Thailand, is The Sarojin. This five-star abode is grandly sprinkled across 10 plush acres of tropical gardens, offering direct access to 11 gloriously secluded kilometres of white sandy beach.

The Sarojin offers an invitation to a personal journey of discovery amongst the sanctuary of nature. It’s an intimate celebration of tranquillity, as guests can pamper themselves with sparkling-wine breakfasts till 6 pm, private dining experiences under the stars, rejuvenating spa massages, or unforgettable voyages on their luxury boat “Lady Sarojin”. It’s a sanctuary for romance and a haven for those seeking a serene connection with the planet.

Thailand's most eco-friendly hotels to stay in 2024 | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: The Sarojin

But how does it measure up on the eco-friendly scale? Well, not only did The Sarojin bag the Responsible Thailand Award 2022, but it has shown a steadfast dedication to the preservation of our precious planet.

Evidence? Its innovative ‘One Booking One Tree’ initiative, where, as the name implies, every booking blossoms into a new tree. Sublime, right? It’s a symphony of sustainable steps at The Sarojin. From ditching plastic straws and adopting lemongrass alternatives, to bidding sayonara to single-use plastics, The Sarojin has made every effort to limit its energy and water consumption. Moreover, it even inaugurated an on-site water bottling plant in 2019, a nod to its continuous commitment towards reducing its carbon footprint.

Bangkok Tree House

Thailand's most eco-friendly hotels to stay in 2024 | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Bangkok Tree House from official Facebook page

Address: 60 Moo 1, Petchaheung Road, Soi 26, Bang Nampeung, Phra Pradeang. Samutprakarn, 10130 Bangkok, Thailand

Who would have thought that a big city actually offers one of Thailand’s best eco-friendly hotels? As they say, visitors can find anything in Bangkok, including the beautiful Bangkok Tree House.

Perched on the banks of the Chao Phraya river, this hotel is remarkably close to the vibrant floating market. It stretches its eco-extending arms with its lofty rooms, ranging from three-floor suites to cozy, under-the-stars beds, loftily hovering over 20 feet above ground.

In addition, the Bangkok Treehouse takes its commitment to Mother Earth seriously. Every nook and cranny of this establishment screams sustainability. Think organic produce flourishing in its backyard, lighting powered by renewable energy, local river clean-ups, upcycled goods, and carbon-free cooking. And here’s the fun part: The only way to reach this eco-haven is by hoofing it, pedalling a bike, or hitching a ride on a boat.

Thailand's most eco-friendly hotels to stay in 2024 | News by Thaiger
PJOTO: Bangkok Tree House

But the green streak doesn’t stop there. Step inside, and you’ll find LED lighting powered by solar and wind energy, solar cookers, and rainwater harvesting. Moreover, the building foundation sings the song of sustainability, too, with walls and floors built from reclaimed wood and bamboo, insulated with repurposed juice cartons. Oh, and every booking results in the hotel plucking a kilo of trash from the Chao Phraya River. Talk about eco-activism!

If you do manage to peel yourself from the magnificent river views, the neighbourhood offers the Bang Nam Pheung floating market and the Central Bangna Shopping Complex to explore. But, honestly, who’d want to bid farewell to this magical eco-hideaway in the heart of the city?

Six Senses Samui

Thailand's most eco-friendly hotels to stay in 2024 | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Six Senses Samui from official website

Address: 9/10 Moo 5, Baan Plai Laem, Bophut, Koh Samui, 84320 Suratthani, Thailand

Next in line, tucked on a gentle slope on the northern tip of Samui, is an eco-friendly dream known as Six Senses Samui. This refreshing retreat gently melts into the natural landscape, presenting an array of private villas that offer the chance to truly immerse oneself into nature’s vibrant theatre, all with a panoramic view of the Gulf of Thailand.

The authenticity of Thai hospitality beams in 66 roomy, one-bedroom luxury villas, 67 of which come with private pools. They even offer oceanfront pool villa suites, and their two-bedroom signature retreat provides striking views of the sprawling ocean and lush landscapes. Refreshingly, the bustle of Bangkok is a mere 45-minute journey away.

Thailand's most eco-friendly hotels to stay in 2024 | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Six Senses Samui from official website

Through conscientiously crafted, sustainability-forward operating systems, purchase policies, and materials, Six Senses Samui not only communes with nature but contributes actively to its preservation. They go the extra mile by extending their principles to the local community— from beach clean-ups to events that educate about sustainability in their Farm on the Hill initiative, where insights about waste reduction and natural versus chemical pesticides are shared firsthand.

Particular highlights of their sustainability efforts include a heat recovery system which cuts energy use by transmuting absorbed hot air into water heating, thus reducing energy consumption. Moreover, they have swapped single-use plastic for alternatives such as stainless steel water bottles and cotton bags for their staff. Suppliers are also encouraged to align with this sustainable vision.

Zeavola Resort

PHOTO: Zeavola Resort & Spa - eco-friendly hotels
PHOTO: Zeavola Resort & Spa

Address: 11 Moo 8 Laem Tong, Koh Phi Phi, Ao Nang, Krabi 81000, Thailand

Next on our eco-excursion through Thailand, we land on the pristine Laem Tong Beach where the Zeavola Resort awaits. This idyllic retreat in the Phi Phi Islands beautifully merges luxury, sustainability, and an air of rustic romance that promises to enamour every traveller.

Zeavola’s quaint, teakwood suites transport you back in time to the simplicity of rural village life while giving you front-row seats to nature’s theatre. The resort generously offers an array of inhouse activities from exploration journeys on the Andaman Sea to authentic cooking classes. But it’s easy to see why many simply choose to sink into tranquillity beneath the tropical beauty.

Thailand's most eco-friendly hotels to stay in 2024 | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Zeavola Resort & Spa

But Zeavola’s crowning glory isn’t simply the charm of its setting or the warmth of its romantic villas. What sets it apart is its commitment to protecting its island home, so much so that it has been acclaimed as the World’s Best Sustainable Boutique Hotel. Investing in a self-sufficient lifestyle, the resort has made considerable transformations within its operations. Most notably, they changed their delivery packaging and installed a water bottling plant to lessen its environmental impact.

Soneva Kiri

Thailand's most eco-friendly hotels to stay in 2024 | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Soneva Kiri 5 Bedroom Bayview Pool Reserve

Address: 110, Tambon Ko Kut, Ko Kut District, Trat 23000, Thailand

Last but not least, we lead you to an unspoiled island adorned with some of Thailand’s finest beaches. It’s here, amidst the tropical rainforest, perched on cliffs, or languid by sandy shores, where you’ll find the luxurious yet sustainable Soneva Kiri.

Located a breezy 90-minutes from Bangkok, Soneva Kiri is the epitome of the untouched island escape. Here, sustainability isn’t just an add-on; it’s seamlessly incorporated into their design, right from their eco-friendly resort layout to the 33 sprawling private villas that range from one to five bedrooms.

Thailand's most eco-friendly hotels to stay in 2024 | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Soneva Kiri 5 Bedroom Bayview Pool Reserve

Imagine the pinnacle of luxury; private pools, expansive indoor-outdoor living spaces, verdant gardens all enveloped in tranquillity. And let’s not forget the handy Barefoot Guardian at your service 24/7. Plus, electric buggies or bicycles for an adventurous detour around the island’s forest paths.

But Soneva Kiri’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond its design and into its ethos. Their introduction of an environmental levy of 2% on all stays in 2008 signifies this underlying commitment. This levy fuels the Soneva Foundation, which invests in projects bearing positive environmental, social, and economic influences.

Thailand’s eco-friendly hotels offer a sense of nature and as most of them are picturesque, the experience is definitely beautiful and one of a kind. Furthermore, at these eco-friendly hotels, eating and travelling consciously can all be done with the help of free bicycles and menus with vegan dishes! Regardless of your travel plans, staying at one of these earthly gems is definitely a must.

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