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The new way Brits are booking holidays to find hidden gems and free things to do

BRITS have found a new way to book holidays to find hidden gems and free things to do.

Holiday hunters have for years relied on brochures, travel books and the internet for advice on where to go on holiday.


Many travellers are now relying on TikTok as a search engine[/caption]

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An expert said the platform offers niche information not widely available

But now a new generation appear to have embraced a cutting edge social media platform to book holidays.

Gilleesa Gillen, 24, a social media manager, said: “I think of TikTok as my travel best friend.

“It’s so good for finding recommendations for places to have lunch,
dinner, brunch, breakfast, drinks, events happening that maybe when you Google a place they’re just showing you sponsored ads.”

Gilleesa said that TikTok helped tourists find underground spots not widely advertised.

She said: “I was staying with my friend who lives in Paris and I found this speakeasy bar on TikTok and I took her there.

“She couldn’t believe she’d been walking past this bar for so long because it looks like a grocery shop from the outside.

“She’s been taking her husband and friends there ever since.”

Gillen recommended TikTok to people who had not used the platform before. She offered advice to first timers on what words to search for.

She said: “I’ll combine the place name with something like ‘travel’ or ‘itinerary’ and then things that I want to do.

“If I want to see if there’s any thrift shops or flea markets, I could
put something like ‘New York thrift shops’ and see what comes up.

“Or if I want to discover the countryside in Turkey, I’d put ‘Turkey countryside itinerary’.”

Stuart Flint, Head of Global Business Solutions for Europe at TikTok, confirmed that the platform was being used as a search engine for travel content.

He said: “71 per cent of European TikTok users intentionally search for travel content on TikTok, and 77 per cent of users are inspired to visit a destination, or even purchase a travel-related product, after discovering it on TikTok.”

Gillen also said that TikTok was an option for budget aware travellers. She explained that users can search for a place name with ‘free things to do’.

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