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The only way to get an upgrade on your flights – but it could ruin your relationship

GETTING a free upgrade on a flight is the dream for pretty much all economy class passengers.

Luckily, a group of flight attendants from some of the UK’s best loved airlines have come together to explain exactly how people can increase their chances of that happening.


Charming the flight attendants could help passengers get free upgrades[/caption]

Cabin crew members from TUI, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and easyJet, have explained to luxury membership platform, Velloy, how to increase their chances of turning left when they next board a plane.

Unfortunately for passengers, getting a better experience on board the plane could mean ditching friends and family.

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More commonly than not, those who get upgraded are upgraded alone, as there are not lots of seats available, especially not ones next to each other.

Anyone looking to get an upgrade should be ready to be split up from the rest of their party, otherwise they’ll have far fewer chances of getting an upgrade.

A long-haul Virgin Atlantic employee said: “If you’re travelling in a couple you’ve got more of a chance of both being bumped, however, there’s still the likelihood you won’t be sitting together once your seat has been moved.”

There are other steps passengers can take to increase their chances of being moved to business or first class.

Choosing to fly at less busy times, like the middle of the week is one method that could work well.

According to attendants, flights with fewer passengers present less competition for premium seats, increasing the likelihood that airlines will offer free upgrades.

However, the best way for people to improve their odds is to just ask. Although the cabin crew might not be the best people to handle your request.

One attendant who works for British Airways stated that when it comes to upgrades, “if you don’t ask you don’t get.”

They added: “Us flight attendants have no control.

“The people checking you in are the ones who can see the spaces availability and have all the control.

“Even if there’s not a free upgrade they may be able to get you a discounted rate.”

Another attendant from Virgin Atlantic explained: “If you’re scared to ask, it’s always worth checking your flight online before you head to check in.

Airlines with the best plane food

Korean Air

Korean Air won best airline cuisine in last year’s Global Traveler’s awards.

Some of their popular dishes onboard include bibimbap, a Korean rice dish, and ssambap, Korean rice lettuce rolls.

It also made the top 10 for airlines with the best plane food in CN Travelers 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards.

Japan Airlines

Coming in first place in the Reader’s Choice Awards was Japan Airlines.

The airline has partnered with six Michelin-star chefs, each of whom have three stars – so you can expect it to be good.

Passengers can choose bento boxes and miso soups onboard.

Singapore Airlines

Often voted one of the best airlines in the world, it is no surprising Singapore Airlines is said to have some of the best plane food.

Chef Dennis Littley said: “Their gourmet meals rival those of ground-based restaurants.”

Dishes include congee, a rice porridge, as well as Singaporean rice and curry options.

“A quick airline search can tell you if business/first class has already sold out, so you know not to ask. That being said, don’t rely on this solely as people always forget to turn up.”

Although the cabin crew might not at first be willing to send passengers to the nicer seats near the front of the plane, they can always be persuaded.

It’s not a guaranteed pass to a first class upgrade, but bringing treats or presents for the cabin crew could at the very least earn some extra special treatment.

One long-haul flight attendant said: “There’s no harm in being a suck-up now and again. Many flight attendants, whether they admit it or not, have favourites on a flight, and you probably want to be one.

“Although nothing is guaranteed and we aren’t the ones with the keys to a flight class upgrade, by being a ‘favourite’ you may be a shoo-in for a free bottle of bubbly or moved to a seat with extra leg room.

“Whether you opt for an overly friendly hello and chat, or go as far as bringing us a sweet treat or thank you present, you will quickly become our favourite passenger on board.” 

Timing can also play a crucial part, with both the first and the last people to board in a better position to get bumped up to the front.

By checking in as soon as it becomes available, passengers can increase their chances of being first in line for an upgrade, as seat assignments have not been finalised yet.

However, checking in at the last minute can also help passengers.

If the economy class is full and there are available seats in a higher class, airlines might opt to upgrade the last few passengers instead of transferring them to a different flight.

There are also big mistakes that could be preventing passengers from getting free upgrades.


It turns out requesting a special meal before flying could scupper peoples’ chances of a free upgrade too.

Flight attendant Neil Jackson, author of Welcome Aboard, told Mail Online: “Crew say veggies hardly ever get upgraded, because there might not be a suitable meal for them up front.”


Looking the part when flying moves people up the potential upgrade list.

One attendant Who What Wear: “It definitely helps your chances. When we fly, we have a strict dress code to follow.

“No jeans or trainers – so I always go for tight black trousers and a blazer or a dress. For men, chinos or trousers and a shirt are worn.”

Meanwhile, this flight attendant revealed how she chooses who gets free upgrades.

And this handy trick could also improve passengers’ chances of getting bumped up.


There are plenty of tactics people can use to get moved to first class[/caption]

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