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TOWIE legend finally returns to show in emotional scenes – 9 years after quitting show

TOWIE legend Lauren Goodger shocked fans as she made her epic comeback to the show – 9 years after quitting.

The 37-year-old was one of the original Towie stars but left the show in 2012.

Lauren Goodger returned to Towie for the first time in nine years
The iconic cast member had a heart-to-heart with best pal Junaid Ahmed

The new series kicked off tonight and familiar face Lauren delighted fans as she returned to the show for an emotional scene.

Lauren, who is good mates with some of the current cast, was seen offering best pal Junaid Ahmed a shoulder to cry on.

Lauren – who was known for her fiery and explosive fallouts during her time on the show – adopted an agony aunt role, over a decade after pushing ex Mark Wright into a swimming pool in one of the show’s most memorable scenes.

As the cast headed off to Bali, Junaid popped round to Lauren’s Essex pad and told her the reason he’d skipped the away trip.

He said: “Everyone has gone to Bali and I just feel like the best thing for me, is to not to go.

“I’ve just got so much going on and I wouldn’t be my best self.

“I’ve recently just reconciled with my family and it’s changed my perspective on life.

“I’ve been running around Essex, thinking I know who I am but deep down I don’t know who I am,” to which Lauren reassured him: “That’s okay.”

Junaid continued: “I just feel like going to Bali and being around everyone would not be the best thing for me.”

Lauren replied: “I think you did the best thing not going because it’s very intense, it’s a big group holiday, alcohol…you know what it’s like.

“I think this is the best because people will miss you.”

Junaid became teary-eyed as he explained his recent fallout with co-star Harry Derbidge, saying: “He’s heard rumours that I’ve been slagging him off to people in Essex.

“We were supposed to go out for a Chinese and he just cancelled and never spoke to me again.”

Lauren offered some words of wisdom and said: “He needs to speak to you directly. Something’s been said by someone – so you need to reach out and meet up with him and just say ‘what’s happening, what’s been said’.

“Then be open and honest, if you lie that’s the worst thing you could do.”

Junaid admitted: “I do say things and gossip and run around here there and everywhere, but so does everyone.

“I feel like people are so quick to say ‘Junaid this…’, I’m a certain type a way and I’m not.”

The iconic Towie star then recalled some of her own experiences that led her to remove herself from certain situations.

Lauren explained: “It’s such a big deal to you because you’re in it and I get it because I’ve been there and I remember going down Faces and you’re like nervous and thinking ‘who am I going to bump into?’

“It was hard and I had to move on and cut off certain things that wasn’t right for me

“But I’m 10 years on, honestly it’s not worth it. You’re in this now and thinking ‘Oh my God, it’s the end of the world’, but actually bigger picture that doesn’t last.

“You don’t have to be friends with everyone.”

The pair then had had a hug as Lauren declared: “I’m back.”

Junaid gushed: “I am so grateful to have you in my life. I’m so happy LG’s back.”

While Lauren added: “I’m back. And you’ve helped me come back – honestly I was just in this mum bubble.

“And I feel I’m not just a mum – I’m still Lauren.”

It comes after Lauren revealed her reason for returning to the show that made her famous, insisting she is doing it for two-year-old daughter Larose, who she shares with ex Charles Drury.

She told new! magazine: “All my friends have got jobs and work – most mums do – and I want Larose to see that I’ve got a job too.”

Discussing her first days back on set, Lauren continued: “I wasn’t nervous because Towie’s sort of my home, but I’ve been in a mum bubble so the first day of filming was a complete shock.”

During her first stint on the reality show Lauren’s main storyline was her on/off 10-year relationship with Mark Wright.

The former couple were involved in some huge bust-ups on camera and Mark, 37 – who is now married to Michelle Keegan – even proposed on the show.

Even though she shared the highs and the lows with viewers, Lauren added: “There is nothing I regret and nothing I would change.”

Earlier this month Lauren was pictured hanging out with co-star Amy Childs.

Lauren opened up about her own time on the show a decade ago

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