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Wedding guest is slammed for ‘inappropriate’ dress as people say it’s ‘too much’ and ‘drifting into lingerie territory’

AS the countdown to wedding season begins, many of us are figuring out what to wear.

Though you think you’d be safe with a non-white dress, one Redditor has come under fire for her choice of wedding attire.

House of CB

The Redditor explained that they’d fallen in love with the Charmaine dress[/caption]


Many in forum claimed that the dress was ‘inapporiate’ to wear to a wedding[/caption]

Originally posted in the r/Weddingattireapproval subreddit, the user explained that they’d been invited to a summer wedding at a local golf club.

Having trawled through various options, they decided that they wanted to wear the stunning House of CB Charmaine dress (rrp £189) in sea green.

Explaining their choice, the redditor shared a photo of the dress and wrote: “Definitely want to wear something more formfitting but I don’t know if showing boning in the dress/corset is too informal?”

Revealing that there was no dress code, they added: “This dress also comes in a knee-length dress.”

It’s not hard to see why the anonymous woman fell in love with the satin dress, as it had a romantic cowl neckline and beautifully shaped bodice – which supported and lifted the bust.

According the product description, the dress also has a ‘skirt [that] falls to an elegant maxi’ length, is ‘fully lined’ and can be worn to many formal events – including weddings.

Whilst most of us would have loved the knee-length gown, other members of the forum weren’t so impressed with the user’s choice of wedding attire.

As the dress had a tight body-con corset and tiny spaghetti straps, some felt it was a little too risqué for the formal event – with some even claiming it was ‘inappropriate’.

“I think the boning and visible cubs is too much,” complained one unimpressed user, adding: “It’s drifting into lingerie territory.”

Another pointedly wrote: “It is ott, inappropriate and not right for the season. Also unless it’s made to measure going to look awful.”

Others agreed, branding it ‘trashy’ and some even struggled to believe it would look as good in real life.

“It’s awful. It also looks to me like an AI creation,” moaned a third.

Thankfully, there were plenty of users who loved the British brand’s dress.

“I think it’s great personally,” said another forum member, writing: “…a little structure is good and it’s not overly lingerie boning, it’s just a detailing. It’s not showing any other slits/sheer detailing, so I think it’s fine.”

Another commented on how ‘beautiful’ the colour was and said that dress was a ‘great’ choice – especially as it had a structured fit.


One angry user complained that the stunning sea green gown was ‘trashy’[/caption]


Another claimed that the dress looked like it had been ‘generated by AI’[/caption]

A fifth wrote: “Totally agree. Lots of dresses have boning in them and it helps to keep you tucked in and straight-backed.”

Whilst users on the subreddit might not be able to agree, it’s not the first time that they’ve complained about House of CB’s dresses.

In fact, one poster got told that her formal gown looked like a maid ‘cosplay’ because it had a white ruffle on it.

Why can’t people just keep their opinions to themselves?


Others were also in love with the dress and argued that structure was ‘detailing’[/caption]


Some also said that the dress was a ‘beautiful’ colour and perfect for summer weddings[/caption]

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