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Woodland Park couple loses $100K to online scam

STANTON, Neb. (KCAU) — The Stanton County Sheriff’s Office is urging the public to remain vigilant while surfing the web after a Woodland Park couple reported losing their life savings to a scam.  

According to a release, the couple states the scam started with a pop-up that alleged improper or illegal materials on their home computer.

The couple called the number that was listed on the pop-up and were deceived into believing that someone had placed the illegal materials on their computer in addition to taking money out of their bank account.  

The release states that the couple thought they were doing the right thing by following the scammer’s instructions. The scammer directed them to withdraw the money from their bank account, and then purchase that amount in gold coins to be delivered to the scammer with the promise that their money would be returned to them.  

The scammer told the couple that they shouldn’t tell anyone about the situation, especially their family and law enforcement because they could go to jail for the illegal materials, according to the release. When the couple realized that they were not going to get their money back, they told their adult children and reported the loss to the sheriff’s office.  

According to the release, information regarding this incident is being gathered and additional assistance is being sought from the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office and the FBI.  

Stanton County Sheriff Unger states that you should never give unknown persons anything of value, including money or personal information, based on claims on the internet or threats of jail time.  

“If anyone ever tells you not to tell family or especially the police about your actions involving computer requests, you know it is not a legitimate request and is most likely illegal activity and a SCAM,” Sheriff Unger said. “Don’t become the next victim, call your local police or ask for help.”  

The release states that the couple lost around $100,000 to this scam.  

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