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‘You can wear this to a wedding if the theme is upstage the bride’ people slam as woman shows off ‘Cinderella’ gown

FINDING a wedding guest dress can be tricky, but there’s one important thing to always remember – don’t upstage the bride.

Well, one woman has come very close to breaking that unwritten wedding rule after sharing a snap of the very “extravagant” frock she hopes to wear to a future wedding.


A woman has been slammed for considering wearing this dress to a wedding[/caption]

In a thread shared to Reddit, she posted a photo of the blue dress in question, which appears to be the ‘Head in the Clouds Ritz Gown,’ which retails at £266 from Selkie.

The attention-grabbing frock features gathered elastic straps with short, sheer puff sleeves, two layers of organza skirt and a ruffled hem.

Questioning whether it’d be appropriate as a wedding guest dress, she asked: “I will own this dress soon and plan to wear it to my baby shower.

“Do you think I’d be able to reuse it as a wedding guest in the future? Which dress codes would it fit into?”

And she wasn’t short of answers…

The post caused quite the stir online, with many eager to share their opinions on the matter.

“Only if the wedding theme is ‘Dress like Cinderella,’” wrote one.

A second penned: “You can wear this to a wedding if the theme is ‘upstage the bride.’”

A third commented: “It would also work for a ‘dress to impress’ dress code where the goal is to dress as extravagantly as possible.”

Meanwhile, a fourth agreed: “It’ll draw too much attention as a wedding guest, unless it’s a princess theme I’d say no.”

Another chimed in: “It looks like a costume. Not a wedding guest dress. If there’s a costume theme (general costumes or princess), then it works.”

A further added: “”No looks like a Cinderella Disney dress.”

And one more quipped: “Let it go, Elsa. It’s far too bridal.”

In response to the feedback, the wedding guest commented: “Thanks for the feedback, the general consensus seems to be no unless for very specific themes.

“I will keep that in mind and have my fingers crossed for such a theme to come up in future events!”

Elsewhere, others were quick to praise how “beautiful” the dress was, with many eager to share their own helpful suggestions as to what occasion it would be suited to.

“It’s very youthful. Very pretty. If you can fit into it for your baby shower, go for it. I wouldn’t wear it to a wedding. A gala, maybe,” suggested one social media user.

Another noted: “If you want this, buy it and throw an over the top Galentine’s Day party, tea party, etc. it isn’t wedding dress appropriate unless there is a theme, but you can create your own event to wear it!”

A third wrote: “I allowed my guests to wear these. My dresscode was festive cocktail optional (even tho I think cocktail is technically less dressy than that dress).”

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